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This wiki is a classroom assignment on sensory issues of Autistic children

ASD students have a combination of many sensory difficulties. There are seven sensory systems and for each of them ASD students can be overstimulated or understimulated. Follow each of the following link to see more information about each one.

                            [Proprioception (body awareness)[3]]
                            [Visual (sight)[4]]
                            [Auditory (hearing)[5]]
                                                    [Gustatory (taste)[6]]
                                                    [Olfactory (smell)[7]]

Click below for a case study of an Asperger's student with sensory needs and an intervention plan for him.

                    [Case Study [8]]

And finally, click below for an annotated bibliography with abstracts of the seven sensory systems

                    [Annotated Bibliography [9]]

The Aspergers "Sensory Funnel"-3

The Aspergers "Sensory Funnel"-3